Past Races

05/31/2020 Ironman Tulsa
04/15/2019 Boston Marathon
11/10/2018 Brown County Hilly10K

Felicia Heisler

Augusta , Georgia

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Trail Running
Bucket List RaceReturn to Kona Ironman World Champ or 70.3 Worlds 2020
Post-Race DrinkRepair is my fav!
Off-Day ActivityYoga hiking

I’m a MAJ in the United States Army and love to train and race Marathons and Triathlon (all distances).

Most recently:
I completed AUG 70.3 /21 and ran Boston 2021/22
Upcoming NYC Marathon 2022
My 2019 year started with running in the Boston Marathon in 3:40:50. Due to my military professional schooling I was challenged to maintain an academic career and training in Alabama through the entire summer. I trained and raced in 3 local triathlons and podium finished 1st Place Female in all of them. I captained an ULTRA Ragnar Relay team of 4 runners for 120 miles and placed 3rd. I completed 2 century rides, and did 1, 40K road race /placing 2nd OA.

I am scheduled to run Chicago Marathon this weekend with ambition to snag a BQ and want to plan an ULTRA run before the close of this year.

Next Year, I plan to return to Hawaii 70.3 and reclaim a slot for Kona IM worlds 2020. I do plan to attend AG Nationals, Triple Crown and Redman Triathlon (ITU).

My 2018 Race Year started with AG podium finishes from 1-3 place for Sprint and Olympic Distances. I ran the Hawaii 70.3 IM and placed 9th AG and 3rd for Hawaii’s resident AG snagging a slot for 2018 IronMan World Championship. A month later ran the Muncie 70.3 and placed 9th AG there as well. I finished my season with 2 place overall at the Purdue University Olympic Dis Triathlon just before completing my first full distance IronMan at the world championships in Kona just two weeks ago!