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07/23/2023 IRONMAN Lake Placid

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09/17/2022 Ironman Maryland
06/12/2022 Ironman Cairns, Australia
10/02/2021 Ironman Indiana Deferred to 2022
06/07/2020 IRONMAN Cairns, Australia Deferred to 2022
08/18/2019 Ironman Mont Tremblant 14:29:55
06/30/2019 Ironman Steelhead 70.3
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06/15/2019 Horribly Hilly Hundreds 7:46:17
03/17/2019 AMITA Health Bolingbrook St. Paddy's Half Marathon 2:05:47
01/20/2019 Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri

Ma. Amita Nuñez

Burr Ridge, Illinois

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Masters Swimming
Post-Race DrinkProtein recovery

Growing up with my 6 siblings with whom I played a lot, I have always been naturally athletic and inclined to sports. Since grade school up to college, I was into track and field, badminton, table tennis, softball, volleyball, and was even team captain of our women's basketball team. I also enjoyed doing obstacle races during our annual school events; even when I was not as good as my team mates. I always have fun in every game or sports that I play.

When I started working, I soon became too busy with my professional career.

Two decades after, sports again found me. As I was getting used to and bored with my usual routine at work, I wanted to be active again in sports. In April 2015, I signed up to be part of the Lifetime Tri Team.
This was when my journey as a triathlete began!

Since then, I always look forward to waking up early at 5am almost everyday to train with my teammates. Surrounded by like-minded people having the same discipline and drive, I am excited to train and sign up for upcoming races for the fun of it, while enjoy the warm camaraderie, encouragement and support, both during training and races, as well as the post-race celebrations. Like a child again, I enjoy sports in the spirit of fun and family!