Nicole Goerge


Main Focus
Bucket List Race70.3 world championships
Post-Race Drinkinfinit Nicole's bike blend

I have been a personal trainer in Charlottesville, Virginia for the last 19 years. Last November, my husband and I started our own personal training studio, Elevate Training Studio. We work with clients from all walks of life..Spartan racers, runners, triathletes, high school athletes, weight loss clients and those individuals working to improve their overall well being. When I am working, I am motivated by helping my clients reach and exceed their goals. Not every client is an participating athlete, but they are all people wanting to live their best. I am there to encourage them in and outside the gym to do just that!
Outside of building a successful career, I have challenged myself to remain active and continue racing. Throughout the years, I have raced in road races from 5K to marathons, sprint to half ironman triathlons and taken part in several obstacle course races. With every race, I have set goals...some have been met and others have fallen short. But I believe that is what makes me a better athlete and coach. Learning from your successes and failures is what it is all about and how you improve as an athlete and an individual.
It is my athletic goal this coming year to continue to work at developing my skills as a triathlete, especially with regard to my swimming. After taking time to review my year of racing, I want to change up my training programming a bit and focus more on my nutrition.