Past Races

05/31/2020 Ironman 140.6 Tulsa

Mike Heili

Lincoln , Nebraska

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceKona
Off-Day ActivityReading about Training!

About me? I’m about others! I love helping people achieve their goals, dreams and overcoming any damn barrier that might be holding them back from their dreams and potential. I am currently the President of the Nebraska Optometric Association Para section. I am an Optician, I work at Clear Vision Eye Care in Lincoln Nebraska. I preach part time in a prison ministry where we bus inmates to church & helps them integrate into society as seamless as possible. I have a small business where I am a Certified Ironman Coach (HeiliTrained Athletes). I previously was homeless, living under bridges and in abandon cars and apartments that I would break into. I was addicted to alcohol and multiple of drugs. I decided to start praying and running and here I am today....freaking crazy great life! Just trying to help everywhere I can! Currently signed up to be a guide for blind athletes in my area.