Past Races

02/11/2023 Katy Half Marathon
Race Recap
291 Overall; 197 Males; 37 Age group
04/18/2020 Vintage Park Half Marathon Pending
03/07/2020 Run Houston! Minute Maid Park 10k 154th - Males
02/08/2020 Katy Half Marathon 376th Overall
01/01/2020 Sam Houston 10k
Race Recap
71st Overall

Brian Dodge


Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Road Running, Trail Running, Rowing, Hiking
Bucket List RaceBig Sur Marathon
Post-Race DrinkCustom Inifinit Protein Blend or Hydration Blend
Off-Day ActivityRiding bikes with my boys

I am a father of two young boys and married to my wife for 20 years. I work as a Project Director for a small Biotech company. I am always looking for ways to stay active and challenge myself. My primary focus is distance running and HIIT/strength training, but I enjoy biking, swimming and all other kinds of physical activities. I am highly competitive and love to compete with and alongside others. I enjoy the camaraderie of training and competing with others, always pushing to new goals!
Why?... Why not? Why not do something that let’s me feel great about myself, gives me more energy, increases my focus throughout the day, allows me to escape for a while and spend some time with my Creator, clears my head, gives me a sense of accomplishment and binds me to a community, improves my discipline, fuels my competitiveness, hones my goal-setting, challenges my mental toughness, relates to so many aspects of life, extends my days on this planet so I have more time with the people I love, and sets an example and legacy for my boys? So for me the question is not why, but why not!