Past Races

02/26/2022 Winter Trail Frosty
01/08/2022 Winter Night Trail Run. Indianapolis Indiana 13th OA, 2nd AG
08/28/2021 Spartan Beast West Virginia terrible
08/14/2021 Beaver Chase Trail Half 2nd AG
08/01/2021 Spartan Sprint Asheville 18th AG
07/31/2021 Spartan Super Asheville Bad
06/26/2021 Indian Mud Run bad
06/06/2021 Spartan Sprint Ohio Bad
06/06/2021 Spartan Super Ohio Bad
06/05/2021 Spartan Beast Ohio Bad
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Mike Bennett


Main FocusObstacle Racing
Bucket List RaceIM New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkInfinit
Off-Day Activityfloating in the lake and being a dad

Former 2 sport college athlete turned fat guy that decided that wasn't a lifestyle I wanted anymore, so I turned to triathlon, then trail running, then Masters swimming, then obstacle course racing, and now do all of those. I've got a long background in sports and was even a collegiate wrestling and strength coach at Washington and Lee University where I also graduated from. I was really getting into a groove athletically in 2019 and trained all winter to compete for podiums on the Spartan Race circuit, and also to complete a couple of Spartan Ultras, which all disappeared due to Covid. I maintained my fitness and had a massive 2021 planned with about 30 races on my calendar. Over the course of 2022 I was completely uncompetitive and struggling to even finish most of my races despite having no issues training, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of an unknown auto-immune disorder that ended my season. After months of getting that under control, I was ready to rebound in 2022 but slipped on some ice during a trail race over the winter that resulted in a knee injury that sidelined me and broke my spirit for training and competing for the remainder of 2022. I'm currently adrift in my fitness and struggling to regain consistency, but I'm still hopeful that I am close to snapping out of it and getting back to the start line in 2023.