Past Races

11/15/2020 Mercuryman
07/25/2020 Burning River Endurance Run
04/18/2020 Double Blue Ridge Marathon
Race Recap

Angelia Brossia

Morrow, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Aquabike, Aquathon, SUP, Rowing, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Skiing, Hiking, Yoga, Other
Bucket List RaceI have so many it's hard to pick one. I did 2 of them last year Burning River 100 and Leadville 100
Post-Race DrinkIt has always been either Infinite and long ago was Recoverite and chocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityWalking, hiking, kayaking, SUP, etc....

I am a single mom of two amazing children who follow in my footsteps with running etc... I work fulltime for Anthem and enjoy the outdoors year round. I was a triathlete for many years and was on team HFP Racing until major knee surgeries in Feb 2008 had other plans for me. I'm not fast like I used to be but I still love to run, bike, swim, and I race for fun and I do trail races etc... every year. When my running days end I will be focusing more on bike races. I am part of a club called megsmiles to support a dear christian athlete Meg Cross Menzies, who was killed by a drunk driver while running.

My Why:
At age 5, I experienced my first of several life changing traumas. To find strength, comfort, and healing for my body, mind, and spirit after the suicide death of a family member I was very close to, I rode my bike, I ran, and I also hid my tears in the water under my tinted goggles, as i swam. Years later, after I graduated from college, triathlon found me, and i wrote this:
I am an athlete
I swim, bike, run....
-From pain, judgement, fear....
So many things I burried deep inside.
In all my distances, sprinting , gliding, charging, zooming, flying racing.......
I went tougher, harder, stronger, as far and as fast as I could....
God carried me.
No matter how long, or how far....
God still carried me.
Gods love was the rhythm, the strength, the symphony in my movement, in my feet.
My movement was my invitation to surrender it all through sweat, tears, body, heart, and soul.
God's arms of love, of grace....they met me in my training, they carried me through every race, and as I approached with my smile, they held me
at each finish line.
My mission began at age 5 to positively impact others with kindness, encouragement and love. As an athlete I always hope to positively touch and impact many lives.....and maybe save a few too.