Marek Bykuc

Wharton , New Jersey

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Rowing, Skiing, Hiking, Yoga, Climbing
Bucket List RaceLeadville, hard rock , western states ,
Post-Race DrinkBcaa
Off-Day ActivityYoga

I born in Poland city of Bialystok. As a kid I was not too tall kinda skinny, but very active as a backyard soccer player, or in the woods ""mission playing" commander of local kids gand .... I remember to have endless ideas of games and or little trouble making adventures.
When finish middle school I start studying in woodworkers college and become a cabinetmaker.
Married to Aga (Agnieszka) at age 21 shortly after we moved to USA to start our new life from the scratch away from Polish family.
Times get tough, we got few bumps on the road as a married couple but made it thru. When was about 30 years old my metabolism start slowing down and from athletic build young guy 160lb, I start seeing in mirror a little overweight 195lb ....young guy ;) it start bothers me a bit and decided to do something in my life for helter sake and join YMCA to start swimming. Wasnt easy, very soon I realized that my swimming skills are not that good as I swimming make a trick and my body started shape in very satisfying direction, on the top I was working hard at the custom furniture shop.
In YMCA I spot few swimmers next lane. They were looking sharp ...Fast! I tried race them next to their lane without a success I can tell lol. One day they invite me to their lane as the pool was crowded..... and......... my life never be the same again from that day . I met TRIATHLETES. They were strong, fast , like gods to me..... I was fascinated!! Soon they said" hey let's come for morning running with us" and I hated running for no reason, it not like a soccer or any game ....just silly running. I kill my cuffs after a first 5 miles run LOL. I thought is not for me ..... till...... one morning was that perfect Sunday morning and a perfect weather not to hot or cold and we went to beautiful path in the park. That was the day I attempted to run my first 10 miler. During the run something strange happened to me , the pace was relaxed, and suddenly I stopped feeling my legs, my cuffs, my feet. I thought I am levitate through the woods... I says OMG and tell to my fellows about it.... they just smile.... you hit your first runners high dude.
And I was coming for more and more ... more often. Running became my love.... even Aga started be jealous about my passion when I started talking about it soon I get the road bike and start hitting local sprint triathlons. I was getting in shape training every day. And the day come I rregister for IM Lake Placid... my friend Alexandra brought some Nutrition in the box one day and said its going to be good for us in training ...... THAT WAS I N F I N I T !!!! that's it , game change, nothing impossible, it was like holy shit 100 miles bike ride without gels and solid food .... just drink.
Since then I became a lifelong INFINIT fan. All my friends knows that INFINIT is my rocket fuel.... and make me MightyStrong .... after I accomplished IM start run next year to come back to IM every other year.
One day I came thru some running group.... there was something about them..... cooleesnes, bold , easy going people.... felt the vibes coming from them..... it was the day I met """trail runner""" start running trails.... it was like OMG felt like wolf, eagle, coyote....connected to the soil.... found fun in bombing down technical rocky hills ... jumping over logs .... so free... and start travel around for trail races..... it change my life. I became a better person found peace... my sacrum place is forest... coming back to the mother nature for few miles of meditation.... natural medicine. I love trail, every run feeling like an adventure.... about 14 year pass full of 5am lake swimming, stupid early running miles, and ridiculously far bike rides. So many great athletes I meet great people, pure awesomeness of sport lifestyle.... it's my life.... wouldn't change for any other....big plans for next year BEAST SERIES.... 6 races in VA .... training already started :)
Ps. To the person reading this.... come for a run..... and I promise the best breakfast you had .... I know my state NJ new homeland ;)