Andrew Barber

Halfmoon, New York

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List Race70.3 worlds.
Post-Race DrinkBEER!
Off-Day Activityhanging with my family

I've been involved in triathlon for about 4 years now. I was working a 60-hour/week desk job and was living an unhealthy life. I was always a fan of Dave Mirra and I saw he was doing triathlon and road cycling; so I figured I would give triathlon a shot... at Syracuse 70.3 (I didn't know there was sprint and oly races then...silly me). So I bought a used bike and "trained" and Syracuse crushed me... hated the sport, the bike, everything - and then signed up for a sprint race and loved it. So, i'm here still kicking it 6 70.3's, dozens of sprints, 5k's, and a few 13.1's later. I'm a big Matt Russell fan (being both from NY), I ride a DB Andean like he used to. I recently purchased his mix as i tend to have a higher sweat rate than most (always soaked) and its amazing! I love the sport, the challenge, the constant push to be better, faster, stronger - I'm super competative and triathlon hits on all cylinders.