Past Races

07/11/2020 Path 10K
05/16/2020 Martha's Vineyard Marathon

Steve Dare

Ivoryton , Connecticut

Main FocusTriathlon
Post-Race DrinkAndy Potts race mix

About ME ?? I like talking more about my teammates haha . Well I just embraced this sport and can’t say enough about the community I belong in . I’ve raced IM 70.3 a few times and loved the challenge. I’ve raced lake placid 70.3 and also IM Copenhagen . I loved to MTB and run . I recently completed the landmine classic mtb race . I’m looking forward to the awesome journey next year 2020 of Racing IM Copenhagen in aug and IM. 70.3 Ct and looking for a Marathon in the spring . I’m a big fan of the product it’s my go to all year and have proven that I don’t need to carry a lunch box on my long rides and runs , I’ve told everyone about it and my training buddies also swear by it . I added a little to much caffeine on my last batch but I’ll adjust as I can on the next order . If I was chosen I would post so much media on my Instagram on my daily training logs and would wear all the swag .i would also be involved with the community and support all team members. thanks for your consideration