Ashley Dellosa

Phoenix, Arizona

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman Wold Championships AGAIN!!
Post-Race DrinkRepair

I am a mother of two, hold a doctorate degree, former D1 swimmer and just finished the Ironman World Championships. Four years ago I couldn't even run a mile and certainly didn't own a tribike. I signed up for an Ironman thinking it would help me process and grieve from my mother being diagnosed as terminally ill. Last year I qualified to earn my professional status and qualified for Kona which has been quite a shock and humbling for me. I love this sport, I enjoy every workout and it has become part of my life. It is the best stress relief. I also give back and have run as a St. Jude's hero and now coach other athletes.

I have been using Infinite since I started with triathlon (as suggested by my neighbor) and have converted over a dozen pals to using it. I believe in it and I know that this is why I have never had nutritional issues (sans 70.3 worlds when I got to my bike in T1 after the swim to find my aero bottle with my concentrate was gone). Taking course nutrition caused me to vomit and walk most of the run. I completely believe in this product! My husband works for a major league baseball team and he also uses the protein product!