Scott Castelli

Schenectady, New York

Main FocusTriathlon
Post-Race DrinkSoda or chocolate milk

I am 44 yrs old whom started racing to help overcome PTSD. Throughout my journey I have struggled but racing and training keeps me focused and level headed. Last year I was told I would never run swim or bike again due to a severe back injury. I opted to have it repaired and then decided to prove my MD wrong. 1 year to the day later I raced IMMD. I have been using Infinit for the past two race seasons. It has been a game changer for me. Having the ease of nutrition without having to carry any extras has made my life simple and
convenient. There is one thing to know about me is I do not quit. If my back fails again I will just simply learn how to race in a wheelchair. Once I get started on something it takes the end of the earth to get me to stop.