Margaret Hinton

Atlanta, Georgia

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceBelgian Waffle Ride
Post-Race DrinkDouble Dutch Chocolate Milk

HI! I'm a farm kid who clearly had no business being a farmer so instead I moved to Nola to investigate financial crimes and become an Ironman and then retired from both and moved to ATL to plan trade show exhibits and ride bikes (and do some trail running). I am a mix of the friend who takes care of everyone and being the person who does things because she thinks they are funny. I no longer race tris but I'm trying to race bikes - road and gravel and I dabble in MTB. I had a back injury in early 2019 after several MTB crashes but have gotten back on the bike and am riding more with my first bike race of the year a gravel race the first of November (hey, they don't call me Margaret What Brakes Hinton for nothing #sendit). I hope to race and cat up on road next year and to build a gravel bike early in 2020.