Past Races

04/25/2020 IRONMAN Texas
01/25/2020 Surf & Turf Half Marathon
Race Recap
12/28/2019 Corpus Christi Half Marathon 5

Adam Vela

Corpus Christi, Texas

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship (only by lottery in several years)
Post-Race DrinkANY BEER
Off-Day ActivityHanging out with my dogs

My name is Adam Roy Vela, and I'm from Corpus Christ, Texas. I got into triathlons in late winter of 2011. I was hit by a car in June 2011, and the doctor suggested I start swimming to strengthen my arm that I broke. I ran cross country during high school, and I was cycling for several years at the time. Now that I added swimming to schedule, I decided to pay an entry fee for a sprint tri in my city. Sine then I have been addicted to the sport. In September 2018, my biggest fan (my dad) pass away. My dad would go with me to all my races near or far, and cheer me on. If I had a flat tire in the middle of know where, he would be my taxi. I got into a depress mood, and just stop training thinking that he would not be at my future races. Several months ago I got a few words of encouragement from my family that it's time to get into the sport that he wouldn't want to stop because he wouldn't be there anymore. I signed up for IMTX 2020, and chasing #6.