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10/22/2022 Chattajack
10/22/2022 Chattajack
08/14/2022 USCA Nationals
08/13/2022 USCA Nationals
08/12/2022 Nationals
04/30/2022 Little D on the Monacacy
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08/12/2020 USCA Marathon Nationals Cancelled
05/03/2020 Youghness Monster 25 Cancelled
03/26/2020 Santa Cruz Paddlefest Cancelled

Julie Mitravich

Norfolk, Virginia |

Primary Discipline(s) Other
Bucket List RaceMolokai Crossing
Post-Race DrinkRepair Vanilla
Off-Day ActivityYoga

Ever since I was young, I had a passion for outdoor sports. I loved to run growing up, track was great but I loved running cross country because I was able to enjoy nature while doing something that I loved.
Over the last 10 years, I have found a new love in paddling. This started with whitewater, then added surf kayaking, and Over the last 3 years I added endurance paddling. I have competed in the USCA Marathon Nationals this year, placing 3rd overall and 1st in Masters in all 3 divisions. My longest race so far has been Chattajack- a 31 mile race through the Tennessee River Gorge. I have placed 7th in my first year and 4th in my second year- soon we will find out what lies ahead for this year.
When I started endurance, my friends introduced me to Infinit. It is a life changer- I didn’t realize how much until I ran out last year, the difference once I was re-stocked was incredible.

Why do I do what I do? I could give an answer but is that the real, deep reason that drives me to paddle? My dad always taught me that if you want to know the real reason, you need to ask why 7 times. So here we go-
1- Why do you paddle? I love being on the water, any kind of water, whether it’s paddling whitewater on the river, surfing in the ocean, or racing on flat water.
2- why do you love being on the water- because it’s one of those places where you feel connected to the earth.
3- why do you feel connected? To feel the water passing beneath you, surrounding you, immersing you in its power. You know the power of the river, and instead of fighting it, you go with it. Following its lines, reading its story, and being part of that greatness.
4- why is important to be part of its greatness? We all want to feel that we are part of a greater good, a greater purpose.
5- why? Purpose is important, to me at least, otherwise I may be lost, but if I have a purpose, it drives me to pursue.
6- Why pursue? Because it leads us somewhere, it takes us through the journey we know as life. Waking up in the morning, with that fire within to follow our pursuits. Ultimately, our pursuits lead to happiness
7- why happiness? Because in those moments of pursuit, we feel whole. Our mind, body and spirit are heading to the same goal. Not saying the road is full of happiness, there will be hardships, failures, struggles, but through all of that, we find our true self.
There, I have found the reason: finding our true self- being happy in you mind, spirit and body.