Joel Radd


Main Focus
Bucket List Raceto race in Kona one day
Post-Race DrinkA good Coca Cola

For starters I am a working family man. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and two amazing kiddos supporting my passion to pursue my dreams and aspirations! Close to two years ago I set out on a workout journey that has turned in to a passion for a sport I wish I had found years ago. When the journey began it started off with local pub runs and within a short period of time my dreams and goals began to grow. Before triathlon I had never attempted to swim more than 200 yards, had never even considered biking more than a few miles and had never ran further then three miles. I have already accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible and this is just the beginning! From 5K's, Ragnar trail relays, and short to middle distance triathlon's and now a 5:35 Half Ironman finisher, I have found a longing to become better, to push myself farther, to be a great example to my family and friends, and ultimately I believe most of all I have found a better version of myself hidden within the Journey!