Past Races

10/10/2021 UnPAved

Carolyn Misick

Bellbrook, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Hiking
Post-Race DrinkSmoothies
Off-Day ActivityHiking

Cycling has become my joy after many years as a long distance runner. Though I still miss running (injury) I have been thrilled to discover that cycling offers so many additional benefits such as riding further, faster and the ability to appreciate the scenery as well as actually stopping to enjoy lunch in the middle of a ride. At the same time I am glad the camaraderie remains with riding with friends.

The past several years I have been honored to help develop in others a love of cycling and bring that joy to communities that often have been left out of the cycling world. I have enjoyed being part (and leading) our local Major Taylor Cycling Club and helping new cyclists discover the joy of riding and embark on a healthy lifestyle. It has also been a great experience running a charity bike event each year benefiting the local community.

Last year I purchased my first gravel bike and have really enjoyed gravel riding and backpacking. It has been fun to step out of my comfort zone and travel by bike as well as improve my gravel riding skills to take on local gravel grinders. I am looking forward to gravel racing in the new year and more rugged bikepacking trips.