L.T. Cooper

Mandeville, Louisiana

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Duathlon, Hiking
Bucket List RaceNorseman
Post-Race DrinkRepair
Off-Day ActivityClimb the stairs at work

60 year-old empty-nester father of 4. I started this journey in 2011 to lose weight so I could be around for my grandchildren, when they come. I supported my kids in triathlon and running competitions in their HS years and that is what got me interested in cycling and du/tri. I have competed in mostly local races; the cycling scene here is not too big for competitions, so the competitiveness usually comes during the Gran Fondos and charity events, like Ride for Alzheimer's, Bike MS, or the Tour for the Cure. However, I am trying to lose enough weight to feel comfortable to compete in the Cheeaha Ultra Challenge and the 6-Gap GF.