Angela Nelson

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Primary Discipline(s) Trail Running, Other
Bucket List RaceI want to do a 50 mile race by the time I turn 50
Post-Race DrinkFruits and veggies along with some carbs
Off-Day ActivityWorking with my kids or working either coaching, or doing therapy

I am a wife, mother, coach, sports therapist and athlete. I have been married to my husband for 19 years and we have three kids. I have homeschooled my kids almost there while life. I have been a CrossFit coach for 5 years and love sports. I got super sick a year ago and was struggling with my workouts and with covid I took up running again. I have done three marathons but never felt like it was good run for me. I decided to train for my first ultra. I work on a lot of runners and thee encouragement was always so great. I am not a fast runner but have found a love of trail running. Due to being sick, having stuff on my stomach was always a struggle but using your product I have been able to run and not lose energy. I love all areas of my life and finding a balance is always part of the journey.