Catherine BREED

Mill Valley, California |

Primary Discipline(s) Open Water Swimming, Skiing
Bucket List RaceOceans 7
Post-Race DrinkSmoothie!
Off-Day ActivityCycling, trail running

For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to the water. A profound passion that afforded me many opportunities such as swimming for UC Berkeley and the US National team.

I walked away from pool swimming still loving the water and the sport (high thanks to the innovative swimming and life coaching from Teri McKeever).

About a year later I joined the Dolphin Club, I had found my post- collegiate athlete niche. Cold water, long distances, strong sense of community, and beautiful views. It didn't take long for me to meet the "greats" of the Dolphin Club and the South End Rowing Club and to be inspired by their amazing feats. Getting to know these people and their stories encouraged me to create my own "big goals".

I am passionate about the sport and about making it accessible to all people. The water has always been a calming place for me and a safe haven and I believe everyone deserves that opportunity regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status.
My accomplishments include
2x gold medalist Pan American Games
1x USA National team
2x NCAA Championship teams
4x Open Water world records