Christy Lax

Savannah, Georgia

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceDuathlon
Post-Race DrinkGuinness
Off-Day Activitybrewery and winery tasting

In 2011, after watching my mom complete exercises in preparation for a lung transplant, I made a change in my life. With no training background I jumped into the sport of triathlon! This sport became the hobby I had been looking for. Over a 2 yr period I lost 40 pounds.
Then In 2016, I discovered that I had an extremely elevated heartrate while working out. After many doctors visits and a trip to the Mayo Clinic, I was diagnosed with VCD (vocal cord dysfunction). The condition caused my vocal cords to shut when I take a deep breath. As you might imagine, this was highly problematic for cardio activities.
Even with this challenge, I found a way to continue my passion of triathlon!