Dave Schroeder

Indianapolis, Indiana

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Repair Blend
Off-Day ActivityCore-Stretching

Avid cyclist recently recruited by friend to give triathlons a try. Will be competing at Muncie 70.3 as my 1st event with a followup this fall at Louisville Ironman. My friend recruited me and agreed to coach me after I was able to watch her compete at Louisville Ironman 2019. I was awed and inspired by what people are able to make their bodies do with training and motivation. I have always been competitive and am always up for a challenge. I am brand new to running and am going through massive new learning curve. I swam competitively in my youth and it's coming back to me slowly. My Friend/Coach has suggested I try Infinit products for my training needs and I have been using a training mix and a recovery blend with amazing results.