Gabrielle Whiting

Orangevale, California

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running
Bucket List RaceIronman New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkMilkshakes!
Off-Day ActivityCrossFit

I'm 44 (almost 45...gotta love January birthdays) and work for a technology company. I'm lucky to work from home, so that I can mostly set my own hours and still train for events and push my goals. I picked up running rather late in I'm heading in to my 12th season running and my 11th season of Triathlon, but I fell in love with the multi-sport life, and haven't looked back since I crossed that first finish line years ago. I got my husband in to triathlon as well, and our 16 year old son is a triathlete too! I suffer from an anxiety disorder, but running and triathlon training have actually helped me better manage my anxiety than ANY medication has....endorphins are better than any anxiety prescription out there! Running helps sooth the swirling chaos of my mind, and settles me more than I can really describe, but I share my experiences with anxiety and running with others through my Social Media accounts. It's allowed me to connect with others who suffer from this disease and to help them start on a path to recovery through exercise as well. I'm a smart ass who was born and raised in Sacramento, and is happy to still call it home. I love to make people laugh....usually at my own expense...and am happiest when I am helping others. I'm also a SCUBA diver and kayaker. I really just love being outside.