Laura Glover

Tampa, Florida

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman Worlds 70.3, XTERRA, cyclocross, Aquathlon, Ironman
Post-Race DrinkRepair and MUD

I am a 20+ year plus triathlete, mom, and triathlon coach living the multisport lifestyle! I have raced all over doing different multisport events and distances and enjoy sharing that with my 2 young boys, who also race on a competitive youth triathlon team. It's how we vacation! I have been using Infinit for over 6 years after learning about it and LOVE (I tell you, LOVE) the products. I have a finicky stomach after overcoming an eating disorder many years ago and believe in good quality nutrition. From Tripwire, JetFuel, Napalm, custom mixes and MUD - my kids and I have used a variety of Infinit with great success. It's my go-to fuel without a doubt. My picture of my swim equipment is even on the home page with "What is INFINIT?" :) I want to take my racing up a level next year and try some new endurance events! Infinit product tip: Heat up some cashew/almond milk and mix with MUD and a scoop of your favorite protein powder for a creamy cup of warm goodness!