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12/04/2021 Challenge Daytona
08/08/2021 USAT Age Group National Championships
08/06/2021 USAT Age Group National Championships
08/06/2021 USAT Age Group National Championships
03/27/2021 MCR 8K Team Race 58th
08/25/2019 Maple Grove Tri
Race Recap
9th AG
07/21/2019 New York City Triathlon Race Cancelled
06/09/2019 Trinona 12
09/09/2018 City of Lakes Half Marathon 39 AG, 266 overall
08/25/2018 Maple Grove Tri
Race Recap
3 AG, 21 Overall
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Shan Sharif


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Duathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman WC, Escape from Alcatraz,
Post-Race DrinkUsually a protein shake of some type or chocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityVideo Games

So I am a age group athlete that was in cross country and track in highschool, rowing in college and then stopped being athletic for a number of years. While in college I lost my mom to a congenative heart issue. She was 59. I knew i needed to stay healthy but stopped for a few years with not being consistent with my health. A few years back i got into cycling and then did my first Indoor tri. Since then I have completed 2 seasons of racing tri's and Road Racing. This last year i Finished my first Ironman using Infinite which I used a all my races this year to some good effect. If not for some bad luck with my bike all year I would likely have won a few of my races (oh well theres next year). I work closely with a bunch of friends who are getting into tri's and other endurance sports and have helped them out with a variety of aspects for training including nutrition by providing recommendations. This year I was a part of the team and HAD A BLAST on it.

My Why- My mom has always been a big piece of my why. Growing up she was always out doing something and making sure everyone was taken care of. While in High school she had to have major heart surgery which definitely curtailed that quite a bit but she was always making sure everyone else was OK before herself. Unfortunately even with the surgery the doctors said it will be a miracle if you make it to 60. She was 50 when she had the surgery.
For some context my mom's family has heart issues due to high cholesterol. I had an uncle pass before I was born who ran marathons regularly to stay in shape while serving in the navy.
My mom even after the surgery always seemed busy with something. However while finishing up my 2nd bachelors while living at home she had a heart attack and passed a few days later. She was 5 months from her 60th Birthday.
Due to my mom's passing and all of my family's medical issues I got even more into staying in shape and advocating for my friends to as well.
I've always been into some sport from Golf, Soccer, Cross Country, Track, and in college Rowing and Rock Climbing. Luckily in my last couple of years of college my now wife and I started hanging out and eventually dating and she has always helped keep me going and accountable knowing I don't want to have the same health issues the rest of my family has.
Now being into Tri's i'm probably in even better shape than I've ever been. Had a heart stress test and nearly maxed out the test when I was probably in the "worst" shape I've been in for years. Tri's have given me more confidence than i've had before and I know my mom is watching going go kill it become better but keep having fun. So that's my why