Past Races

10/22/2022 Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra
08/07/2022 Ironman Alaska
05/01/2022 Ironman world championships st. George
03/26/2022 Barry Roubaix

Christopher Tech

Springboro, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Gravel Cycling, Masters Swimming
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championships -- Kona!
Post-Race Drinkprotein related drink
Off-Day ActivityHanging with the family

I started multi-sport in the duathlon realm since I didn't know how to swim, and by not knowing how to swim I mean I was deathly afraid of water that I couldn't touch the ground in my late 30s to get in better shape. After a little over a year in duathlon, I became enamored with people that were training and competing in Ironman races, so much that I decided that I was going to complete one. Only problem is that I had to learn how to swim. When registration for IM Louisville 2018 opened up in that October I signed up for the race, and literally began swimming lessons with a coach. I had one year to get over my fear of water and swim 2.4 miles, and to prove to my daughter that anything is possible. No small feat. Long story short, I did just that and have now completed numerous 70.3 distance races, along with 6 full IM races. At Louisville that first year, I fell in love with the long course and am always looking for ways to push my body even further. Next year, I will be competing in IM 2021 World Championships in St. George and will also be doing the inaugural IM Alaska. Besides multi-sport, I have also completed numerous stand alone marathons, and love to ride gravel as well. My biggest accomplishment for a gravel race would be finishing in the top 10 for the Sancho200, which is a grueling 200 mile gravel race up in Traverse City, Michigan. My wife, daughter, and I love doing anything that involves being outside