Nicholas "Nick" Blair

Danville, Kentucky

Primary Discipline(s) Trail Running, Obstacle Racing
Post-Race DrinkBai Coconut Water, Cherry Coke, Water

I started running in college in an effort to get in shape and into my now wifes pants since she was running marathons at the time. I didn't overly enjoy running but then found Tough Mudder then through Tough Mudder I found trail and ultra running. As Tough Mudder grew and added multi hour races I grew with them wanting to run further and further. As a result I've ran multiple 24hr races and 50ks. Though I have been on a bit of a slow down since having children our family is now in a position where I can start training again and I am looking forward to attending Worlds Toughest Mudder again in 2022 and my first 100 miler in 2023.