Upcoming Races

06/18/2023 Miyajima International Power Triathlon

Past Races

04/09/2023 Ishigaki Triathlon
Race Recap
04/01/2023 Armed Forces Triathlon Championship
Race Recap
09/11/2021 Armed Forces Triathlon Championship 15th
04/25/2021 ASTC Championships - Hatsukaichi 1st
10/20/2019 Izena Triathlon 3rd

Chad Holladay

Oxnard, California

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming
Bucket List RaceWorld Military Triathlon Championship
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Repair Blend
Off-Day ActivitySUP

I have a swimming and road cycling background. I became serious about triathlons in 2018 and qualified for the Armed Forces Triathlon Championships in 2021. I recently adjusted my training focus to swimming in preparation for the 2023 Armed Forces Triathlon Championships.