Past Races

06/03/2023 UNBOUND Gravel
11/05/2022 Standard Deluxe - Dirt Road Century 7:27:32
06/04/2022 UNBOUND Gravel 951

David Machado

madison, Alabama

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Duathlon
Bucket List RaceAny Full Iron man, Leadville 100, SBT Gravel
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Recovery
Off-Day Activityrunning, disc golf, walking, frisbee with dogs

I'm an engineer, dad, and tech geek by day. I was racing drones competitively at the national level for several years, but dialed that back due to the pandemic. As an athlete I've never been the fastest at long distances, but I've also learned that it's not fair to compare yourself to others. I've always set my own goals, and with time and practice, hit and achieved them. in both running speed, then distance, then I stepped up to 70.3. I then finished escape from alcatraz 2021, and unbound 200 2022! and lately I've been focussed on gravel cycling and ultra distance cycling. And I've got a huge itch to bike pack. My next goals are to finish unbound 200 again but make the sunset club (this year I made midnight club) and complete a full distance ironman. I do lots of 5ks/10ks/half marathons and local duathlons/short distance tris for fun throughout the year with my local clubs, and am active in triathlon and gravel cycling groups locally.

With family, I'm trying to plan one A race per year, because traveling for multiple days for an event isn't as fair to the fam. so each year that A race is my focus and drive for training.

I do a ton of solo training as well. Between trainer road, zwift, and outdoor runs/riding. I've dialed back triathlon this last 1.5 years only due to a lack of pool access with a career change, but I've pivoted to majority cycling with running as cross training.

Ultimately I'm a data driven guy, strava is my current happy place for workout data zen.