Bree Witteveen

Anchorage, Alaska

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking, Yoga, Climbing
Bucket List RacePyrenees Stage Race, Boston Marathon
Post-Race DrinkRepair
Off-Day ActivityWhat's an off day?

I am an avid endurance athlete and have spent years enjoying triathlons and marathons. I love pushing my limits, running long miles with my friends, and conspiring about the next event. But here's the deal - in May 2021, the ankle pain I'd been pretending didn't exist for too long finally revealed itself for what it was - a chondral lesion (basically a hole in my ankle bone) resulting from a "preventative" surgery I had 30 years prior. I had to stop running. Immediately. More than one surgeon told me I would never run again. I kept shopping until I found the one who agreed not to fuse my ankle joint unless it was absolutely necessary. In October 2021, I had the first of two surgeries, including bone grafts, and was off my feet for over 12 weeks. My surgeon finally gave me the all-clear in March 2022 to start rehab and I have worked my a$$ off - twice weekly PT, daily home exercises, cycling and swimming for cardio, and strength training to rebuild my atrophied muscles. And guess what? I'm running! I'm slow, not yet pain-free and my endurance isn't what it was, but I will get there. I'd love for Inifinit to be a part of my comeback as I have big plans in the year ahead, most notably a 7 day stage race in the Pyrenees. Care to come along?
Also, in case these things matter as well - I just moved back to Alaska after a 6-year hiatus, I am a nurse practitioner working with Alaskan Natives, and a whale biologist. I have an adorable and ridiculously annoying running partner named Tugboat.