Perks & Guidelines

Applicants will be notified of acceptance status before October 17, 2022.

Team INFINIT is a supportive athletic community that welcomes individuals of all levels and variations of skill, sport, age, and beyond.

INFINIT Nutrition backs the Team with product & apparel discounts, access to nutrition and performance experts, perks from corporate partners, athlete networking and team building, plus opportunities to give back and make a difference in the community.

Our 2023 roster will be organized into Select Competition Team and Club Team roles to ensure that the athlete ambassadors’ experiences and brand partners’ expectations are united. We value all Team INFINIT members in all team roles and both groups will have access to exclusive Team INFINIT perks throughout 2023.

 If you are interested in representing INFINIT Nutrition, we encourage you to apply!

Criteria for Picking Team Members

  • Must be a current user of INFINIT Nutrition hydration, fuel and/or recovery products.
  • Will represent a wide range of backgrounds, ability levels, ages, and activities.
  • Will have a passion for working hard, a positive attitude, and the desire to support others.
  • Will be eager to support their teammates through our online community and/or at team events.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a US address.
  • Team INFINIT members are expected to have active and public social media accounts, and must follow INFINIT Nutrition on those platforms.
  • Competition Team members will plan to represent the INFINIT brand while participating in at least one competitive event during the 2023 season, as well as in their activities and adventures.
  • Club Team members will be encouraged to represent the INFINIT brand in their activities and adventures.

Competition Team

  • A limited number of applicants will be accepted.
  • Will receive the biggest discounts on products from INFINIT and our team partners.
  • Will receive an exclusive welcome pack from INFINIT including bottles to use throughout the season.
  • Will be eligible to receive product giveaways and prizes throughout the season.
  • Will purchase at least one item of 2023 team gear from the Castelli store in November 2022 (A variety of discounted gear will be offered. It is up to each member to determine what is most appropriate for their athletic endeavors).
  • Will be required to use INFINIT bottles and wear our team gear proudly during training, racing, and/or adventuring.
  • Full Competition Team benefits will be automatically applied to members’ accounts on January 1, 2023, and will be valid for one year.

Club Team

  • Will have exclusive opportunities to earn INFINIT discounts and/or online store credit.
  • Will receive industry discounts from team partners.
  • Will have access to 2023 team gear through Castelli in November 2022.
  • Are encouraged to use INFINIT bottles and wear our team gear proudly during training, racing, and/or adventuring.
  • Club Team benefits are auto-applied to member accounts upon acceptance and will last through December 31, 2023.

Additional Perks for All Members

  • No membership fees.
  • Invitation to exclusive team gatherings.
  • Invitation to activities planned around both local and national events. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other team members in person and race alongside them.
  • Private access to the team website where you will build your athlete profile, share your race schedule and results, write race recaps, share photos, and interact with other members.
  • Private access to the team mobile app where you can communicate with other members, plan meetups, check the team calendar, share pictures, and more.
  • Private access to the team forum. This is the perfect place to seek encouragement, brag about your accomplishments, get inspired by your teammates, or just share a laugh with like-minded individuals.
  • Access to exclusive team apparel at discounted pricing. This includes triathlon gear, cycling gear, running gear, casual wear and more.
  • Exclusive access to pro meet & greets and industry gear-talks throughout the year.

Guidelines for All Members

  • Join us for at least one team event if possible! We strongly encourage our members to attend a team race and/or team gathering.
  • Promote INFINIT Nutrition with a positive attitude. As team members, you will be an ambassador for the INFINIT Nutrition brand. We expect our members to help with marketing efforts through social media posts and/or through interactions with your peers during your activities, training, and competitions.
  • Subscribe to all INFINIT Nutrition social media channels by liking/following. Engage with INFINIT by commenting on company posts, sharing your own photos and videos, and using the hashtags #TeamINFINIT and #IamINFINIT
  • Use the team website and team mobile app to stay updated and connected with other team members. Members should create a profile, keep their race schedule current, log race results, write race recaps, etc. The more our athletes share and engage with each other, the better we can promote everyone and brag when they do well.
  • Refrain from publicly promoting any products from conflicting nutrition companies. This is an exclusive partnership with INFINIT Nutrition.
  • Be respectful and responsible. Athletes chosen for Team INFINIT are brand ambassadors and must behave accordingly. Any action that may negatively affect the integrity of the INFINIT Nutrition brand (i.e. doping) is cause for immediate and permanent termination of membership.

If you are interested in staying informed on the next membership cycle, enter your name and email address below, or contact us at