Aramco Half Marathon

Half marathon #9

Going into the half marathon Sunday I wasn't sure how I was going to run it. Was I going to race it and try to PR or use it as a training run so I stay healthy for IMTX?  I am coming off of a foot injury in Nov/December and an illness from the first of January that I am still recovering from. Sunday morning, as I stood there waiting to start, I decided to go for it. Why not?! I had a goal and I would try to reach it. I started the run with a friend who had a similar goal. We ran well together and pacing was mostly great! We'd have to slow down a bit to not over shoot it and not make it in for the finish. The weather was perfect minus strong head winds of 16 mph. This is where things started happening physically, I told my friend to go on.

I am Ironman training and very low on my run infinit blend and wanted to save it for training the following weeks so I brought Huma gel with me as my nutrition with salt tabs. I would drink water at each aid station. After the 3rd mile I took in a Huma gel. Within a few minutes I began to have mild but manageable stomach cramping. I continued on maintaining pace until about mile 9 and the wheels came off. I felt sick and my asthma flared up. My legs began shaking uncontrollably. For the next 3 miles I tried to pick up pace again. I was not at my goal finish time but still in the window to PR even if by a minute. I was able to push pace, fight and at a half mile from the finish I ended up walking for 30 sec or so then ran it in hard. I finished 3 min from a PR. Knowing My mind was right but my body said no is where I am finding peace. The most important thing is I finished healthy. It's recovery time this week to get back to Ironman training. 

Half marathon #9 in the books!!

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