Getting Past the Plague

Slow and Steady. Surf City Half Marathon. Huntington Beach CA

I was originally targeting a sub 2 hour 1/2 for the first time ever and training was going well until I caught the plague in December.  Of course I tried to return to training waaay too soon and promptly got sick again.  So I took 10 days off and came back nice and easy.   My new goal became a fun race and trying to stay at a sub 11:00 min mile.  I also forced myself with some insistence from my girlfriend to do the 6:1 min walk run plan.   So of course we had perfect pr weather , overcast and mud 60's.  I stuck to my plan and finished at  10:50 pace.  My official time was 2:22:02 on Feb 2 2020.  So I thought that was interesting.   This is my favorite half marathon course and it's extremely well done and supported.  Would recommend it to anyone