Cicero - We RACING again!!!

3rd AG- 40-44. Swim fitness is lacking, HR Strap too tight??? Love the competitive juices flowing

Cicero Sprint  – June 20th  C                    400 yards – 12 mile – 5K

Weather – Sunny mid-70s  Weight 176

            Race Recap:  This race wasn’t on my original race schedule.  However, it was clear about a month ago this may be the 1st local race (Indy area) that would happen.  This race is only 3 weeks before Muncie, but it would give me some sort of idea of how my fitness is coming along.  I had 1 ensure and a bagel with peanut butter 3 hours before the race.  I had 1 bottle of Infinit for the bike and small bottle of TripWire for the run.  I also took an AltRed 2 hours before the race and applied Amp Human 1 hour before the race.  I arrived at the race venue super early (5:45am), which helped with not feeling rushed.

            SWIM – non wetsuit legal race, though I didn’t know until right before the race.  My swimskin was in car, not near me.  Swam over to swim start from swim finish area, super easy.  However, my chest felt tight after and couldn’t breathe very well.  Started in the 51-75 grouping with a few other LOCOs.  Right from the gun it was apparent that some people still can’t sight good and I had to stop for a second and adjust my line and put in a hard effort to get in front of a few people.  Did take in a few mouthfuls of water mid-way through as the water was getting choppy.  That seemed to slow me down based on my watch (1:35 avg to 2:00 min avg).  Did draft at the very end.  Time was 7:19   HR avg 171

            T1 – normal, but socks did take a few seconds to get on. Time was 1:08

BIKE – couple big speed bumps and small uphill to get to first part of road. For the most part the roads were ok, only real issues were the amount of turns (16) and I couldn’t get my breathing down and my chest felt tight.  Felt comfortable out of aero then in.  I was getting mad towards end of ride because of breathing.    Time was 30:41 avg 21.5   HR avg 175

            T2 – normal. Time was 0:49.4

            Run – Wore Nike 4%. Overall the shoes held up nicely and felt smooth.  Started with a slight uphill then flatten out.  Still having breathing issues, so I made the decision to unbuckle my heart strap monitor.  That seemed to do wonders, as I could breathe better.  Held a 7:45 pace early and was passed by a few people, but figured I would catch them and nobody was going lights out. 7:30 pace for 2nd mile and 7:00 for 3rd.  Did run behind one guy the entire time and decided I would pass on a downhill that is about 400 yards from finish. Avg 5:00 pace for those 400 yards to finish in front of him.  Time was 22:12 avg 7:24  HR avg was 174.

            Overall, I finished 31st out of 191 and 3rd in AG.  I’m happy with that, but will wonder how fast I could of really went if not for breathing issues in swim and bike.  Just happy to be back racing.


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