Regal Beagle 25k Ultra

The one and only race of 2020

In a last minute decision to do a race in 2020, with actual timing and a name, my wife and I decided to try the Regal Beagle Ultra. She ran the 50k, since she is an insane running machine that has put in a maniacal amount of miles and a few self-supported (by me) marathons and "races". I did the 25k as a treat to be around other racers, force a long training run, and take some measures for my winter base/build trianing toward IMMT in 2021.

The forecast for the weekend was perfect. 50 degrees and sunny all day long. Day by day that eroded into a just around freezing mark deluge of cold waves of soaking rain. Wonderful. However, as we pulled into the area to start the race the rain slowed to a stop. Masks on we hit the start line for our wave of starts and off we go. 5ish mile loops of not the easiest course in the world (but not technical at all) was a good way to analyze and learn on the fly to make incremental changes to approach on the laps. Fifteen miles later I crossed the line and moved right back to the truck to take a parking lot sponge bath and put on warm clothes (not to mention downing a delicious glass of MUD post race). I had a front row seat to catch my wife on her laps toward finishing the 50k.

Something was wrong. The runners I ran near when I finished were now passing by and she was out well ahead of us when I finished. I wondered if she rolled an ankle or just simply hit the wall and was struggling. Here she comes and she was not happy. Lost and adding 3-4 miles to the loop, placing was out of the picture. Her first 50k I couldn't let her quit. I stradled the fine line of encourager and drill seargent "get your ass out there" telling her to just go another 1/2 mile and if she just couldn't do it, turn around and come back. No shame. She set out and within 5 minutes, no return. 

The skies opened up again and I'm glad it waited until she was too far to return. A bit later, soaked and dripping, she finished. 35+ miles, but ready to do another. 

I didn't think my time was that great, just a nice long run. However, it was good enough for a 3rd overall in the 25k.


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