2nd Overall, Fastest Bike Split by 5 Minutes, swimming and running coming along quickly...

Just started swimming two weeks ago and hadn't run for some time following an ankle sprain. Came out of the water middle of the pack as I had expected, moved into first overall after 12 of 27 miles and opened a 4 min gap going into the run. Got caught by one guy.

Great tuneup for 70.3 Ohio. Not a great swim, probably was a bit too aggressive in opening a 4 min gap on the field on the bike leg. Averaged ~25.5 mph on a rolling course with a few u-turns. Made the mistake of not taking in any nutrition on the bike as I was intent on winning by turning it into a time trial knowing I was likely the strongest rider in the field. Lesson learned is that I could have averaged ~275 normalized instead of 315 and been way fresher on the run and still had a cushion.

Overall happy with the result given that it was more or less a C priority / train through race, but lesson learned that it's harder to turn a race o that length into a bike race than it is a 70.3. Other lesson learned...drink up that infinit even for shorter races. Stoked for 70.3 Ohio, hoping the swim and run come together fast enoough that I'm in the mix for the win.

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