2nd Overall, first pure cycling race in quite some time.

Fun race. Showed up 2 days after a crash so had some mechanical issues and had to enter as cat 5 since my USAC license expired a ways back and I had to renew it....caught some slack for winning the cat by a lot and beating all but one cat 1 racer. Wish I'd warmed up but it was a really cool part of the state I hadn't ventured to, and it was nice to represent the squad and get some comments about both the kit and the "you don't look like a cat 5". Sorry I don't make the rules, USAC does. Happy they put me in the overall prize pool since it was a TT. Ended up riding 60 miles home from the race site, got a little lost, and promptly spent my small prize money on 2 large burgers.

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