An Interesting Twist

This tri was run, fat bike, Nordic ski. I signed up thinking it would be a fun and interesting Alaska-style triathlon and finished wondering what the heck was I thinking. The run in the snow wasn't so bad, until my Infinit became a sticky mess in my pocket when my hydroflask failed. I grabbed regular water at transition and ditched the sticky mess. I had bought a fat bike the day before and had never ridden one before. The first 1k wasn't so bad, but it quickly turned technical into a single track through bad snow and twisting through trees. I had to figure out how to shift the thing and try to keep the trail and attempting to thaw my now frozen water. I gladly got off the bike and onto my rental skis and barely made it out of the transition area without falling (I fell plenty later on the hard ice). I abandoned the track when it proved too icy and followed the skilled Alaskans and mimicked their strategy and movements, trying to remember my last time on skate skis ten years ago. The last 1k seemed the longest and I gratefully crossed the finish line as one of the very last. Nice to say I've done it, but I'll stick to swim, bike, run in the future :)

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