A Job Done

Felt pretty good about the training for the race. The swim got changed to the harbor instead of starting in the ocean, which was disappointing, I much prefer a beach start. But I did manage to hold my normal pace and overall had a very good swim. The bike had its moments, there were three pretty good hills. I was very happy with my bike time, i finished close to what I expected in a best case scenario. The run was a tale of two races. I felt fine coming out of transition, but there were some short and steep little hills that beat me up. I ended up with some spaghetti legs from spasms I never had before and nasty blisters. The run was disappointing, i feel like I should have been about 10-15 minutes faster. My lessons learned was to carry some extra salt and incorporate more hill training. Also in Arizona i used a bike jersey and arm sleeves on the bike and t shirt and arm sleeves on the run. Here I went just with a tri jersey and have an awful sun burn to show for it. Looking forward to a break from long races and training and keep on learning for the next one.

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