Dont underestimate the HILLS in Conn.

Favorable weather, shortened swim, brutal ride and rolling run.

 Day started with temperate conditions, which I love, but foggy. Race start was delayed....then the swim was shortened. Down to 750m due to poor visability. So, thats a lot of swimmers jammed into close quarters. Meant it was going to be hellish navigation and lots of bodies. Picked my line and stuck to it - feel badly about the poor folks that got in my way. Most got pushed aside, some worse off. Comfortable in the water and exited feeling fresh. Fog was still there... Through T1 and onto the bike, first 4 miles and I'm averaging 28.5 and HR is completely under control. LOL. Here comes the first climb, then another, and get the idea. Mile 46...average has been chipped away pretty steadily, getting frustrated. Can hear my coach...stick to the plan, dont burn all your matches. Finally, the last turn, feet out of shoes and into T2. Quick turn and out with Jon Allen (played hopscotch with him on the bike all day). We are cruising, first 1.5 miles @ 7:40 pace...then the climbing begins. Bye Jon. Its still cool outside, some great shade and i settle in. Maintain pace and hydration for the first lap. Onto the second lap still feeling good, so, lets crank some more pace. Pick it up and let the HR climb just a tad. Get passed by the lead female and I feel a rush of energy; time to move. Miles 10-13.1 were just a blur. Saw friends, friends of friends and cheered for everyone I came across. Last mile...all uphill! Its tough, but its the finish, so I dig deep and push. Last sip of hydration and make the final turn to the finish. I can hear footsteps so I sprint. Give it everything I have and finish the last 200 yards at a 5:10 pace. Done and feel amazing. Happy with the result and on to the next adventure.

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